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WiseEarth Education’s June 2015 E-news

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Hello Friends,

A ‘nature note’ to share to begin… recently I have been watching sunsets from my deck (so much earlier!) and have been regularly seeing a mircobat wheeling around catching insects after the sun goes down. It’s been a a wonderful show, and seems like another little step in getting to know the animals of this bioregion.
I also wanted to share that I was lucky enough to spend time in amongst the ancient Bunya trees and all the other life of the Bunya Mountains earlier this month. While there, we came across a seasonal calendar of the natural events that occur in the mountains. Does anyone know of one for Brisbane? I’m keen to develop my own, but would love to see an already existing one if there is one.

There are lots of wonderful events coming up in the second half of the year. This year WiseEarth Education is again supporting the Plastic Free July initiative, and I’m running a free workshop on going Plastic Free at Northey Street City Farm on June 28th. I’m also looking forward to the next Exploring Ecospirituality event coming up next Tuesday 23rd June. More information about these events is below in the WiseEarth Education Events section.

Some of you would have come to the author talk we hosted last year with Claire Dunn, author of My Year Without Matches. Claire is returning to Brisbane in August, this time to hold a Nature Connection and Earth Living Skills workshop.
Also, in October, Jon Young acclaimed author, presenter and ‘cultural design specialist’ is running two weekend workshops in Northern NSW. More information on these events, and more is in ‘Other Events’ below.

The features in this e-news include an inspiring and profound 5 minute video of Julia Butterfly Hill talking about disposability consciousness. She says “I know in my heart that as long as trashing the planet and trashing each other, a healthy, holistic and healed world is not possible. We can not have peace ON the earth unless we also have peace WITH the earth. Our disposability consciousness is a weapon of mass destruction.”
The other feature is a story on radio national about animal language. I’m always looking for new resources to share with people, so if you have any great videos, articles, activities or recommended books, please send them through to

Winter Solstice Blessings,