These are testimonials from people who have participated in our Reinhabiting Place course:

“Participating in Reinhabiting Place was an incredibly valuable experience.  I learnt to be more watchful, more observant, more peaceful and at ease, and more connected with the place I live. Emma is a skillful facilitator, and an excellent guide to lead you on a journey to yourself.” – Fiona, Research Assistant.

“Having lived overseas for a while and after some challenging times in 2013, I knew I wanted to learn processes, activities and techniques to reconnect with Brisbane and my own sense of ‘groundedness’ with place, and in particular the Australian land.  I also wanted to learn more about Deep Ecology for my teaching in permaculture and my social work studies. The techniques and processes I learnt and experienced throughout the course were perfect in fulfilling both these hopes.  I have also taken away from it my personal celebration of water and I am now leading a river clean up group in my local area.”  – Emma Maltby, Community Development Worker, Permaculture Teacher and Student.

“Since finding out a couple of years ago that I had some indigenous heritage I have been searching for ways to understand my story more.  When I heard about ‘Reinhabiting Place’ I felt that this would help me to get through to that experience.  The course answered a lot of questions for me.  I found my meditation practice became very focused around country, land and the environment. ‘Reinhabiting Place’ gave me personal answers to things that were going on for me. In the past there had been some barriers for me to connect in my way but now those barriers have disappeared and now I go out into nature and life and just do what feels right in my heart.” – Jane Houghton

“WiseEarth Education’s ‘Reinhabiting Place’ course was a timely journey for me as a nature lover and newbie to the Brisbane bioregion, but as a human born and bred in South East Queensland. Not only did the course help connect me to the web of life that is the area where I live, work and play, it also brought me into contact with 10 other Earth conscious people who I could (and still can) share in the delight of our vibrant bioregion. Within a respectful and sacred circle, we could share our interrelated and personal journeys both within nature and within our individual beings. The essence of the ‘Reinhabiting Place’ course has become for me a way of life, a connected-conscious-loving way of life!”  – Jemma Darlington, Gardener, Birdo and Bunya lover.

“Attending the ‘Reinhabiting Place’ Course has been transformative and has given me a greater feeling of appreciation for and connection to this bioregion I am living in. The experience of the elements in really beautiful and carefully chosen spots made it a truly magical experience. The pure intentions and the open-heartedness of the facilitators, and meeting other beautiful women who also wanted to deepen their love of the natural environment, added to the joyfulness of the time we shared.” – Sally Robertson, City Farmer.

“I had such an amazing and magical experience! The knowledge I learned, the connections I made, the experiences and realisations I had as a result of doing this course were truly life changing and will stay in my mind and heart forever”.  – Skye Smith, Graphic Designer and Fitness Instructor.

These are testimonials from people who have participated in our Work that Reconnects workshops:

“It was a powerful, important experience, being gently guided through these activities” – Anna Cooke, PhD student

“It was a truly inspirational experience.” – Eddie Dowd, Writer

“The Work that Reconnects Workshop is held in a very complete framework. This allowed engagement, depth, community and sacredness. I feel nourished and reinvigorated for my work in the world” – Churiag MacNiall, Shamanic Healer and Teacher

“Very relaxing, liberating and empowering. Really gets you thinking and motivated” – Debbie Davey, Business Analyst

“If ever you have the opportunity to attend one of these workshops I would highly recommend you do so. It is an opportunity to find what it is in life you will become/ or are passionate about and allow time to make plans to make it happen.” – Nancy Kent, Leader in Small Business Sustainability, Sustainability Consultant and Owner of the Inspiration Garden.

“I really appreciated the spaciousness of the workshop and the chance to deeper… and deeper… and deeper! … I also thought the facilitation skills were beautiful and sensitive.” Sacha Woodburn, Student

“A valuable downtime for activists and others to connect with what drives you, motivates you, scares you and inspires you.” – Ben Pennings, Writer and Community Worker

“Starting from gratitude created a lovely space for sharing that carried on throughout the workshop. The Mirror Walk was a really joyous experience which made me feel more connected to nature, while doing the Truth Mandala was a really healing experience.” – Prue Bodsworth, Water engineer

“The workshop gave me the opportunity to relish with passionate change agents. I feel so blessed to have had this experience.” – Cassie McMahon, Community Capacity Builder

“Great way to spend a day away from the trappings of modernity.” – Rolf Kuelsen


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