Schools programs

Professional Development Workshop:                                     

Outdoor Learning & the Curriculum’                                                                       

The workshop:

  • Demonstrates how outdoor experiential activities can be linked to the curriculum in English, Science, Geography, Maths, and the Arts;
  • Gives examples of how the Australian Curriculum cross-curriculum priority area of Sustainability and simple themes of ecology can be embedded in teaching across the Learning Areas;
  • Introduces participants to approaches from Deep Ecology and Place-Based Education that you can use with your students to increase their ecological literacy;
  • Explores how these approaches can support students to have the knowledge, understandings and skills to engage in creating a more sustainable world.

This workshop is being run at Northey Street City Farm on November 20, 2021.

We are also available to come to your school to run PD sessions for staff that are linked to the Australian Curriculum in the areas of Building Eco-Literacy, Place-Based Education, Deep Ecology for schools, Successful School Gardening and Waste Education.

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