WiseEarth Education offers a range of workshops and courses that enable participants to connect with the Earth, self and others and to be inspired and empowered to take part in creating a just and sustainable world. We organise our own programs and are also available to come to groups to run programs by invitation. 

For latest offerings, see the WiseEarth Education facebook page, or subscribe to the e-news by emailing wiseeartheducation[at]

Information about our Work that Reconnects weekend workshop at Mount Barney from 20-22 October is here. 


See information about our schools programs here. Some of our other workshops include:

Women’s Earth Journey: A 6-session Course 

Women’s Earth Journey explores the connection of women with the earth for our own wellbeing and the healing of the Earth Community. In this course we will be exploring:
– Women’s mysteries: the connection of our bodies to the Earth and her cycles
– Nature connection: drawing connection and empowerment for our journey through the Earth, the elements and the web of life.
– Women’s circles: Experience being part of a women’s circle and learn tools and techniques to hold your own.

Women’s Earth Wisdom Workshop: 

This workshop is an exploration of the cycles of life and the elements and how they can teach us about living with the rhythms of nature. Together we:
– Tune in to the wisdom of the life stages of women and the guidance these can offer.
– Explore the correspondences of the moon, seasons, our lives and our menstrual cycles.
– Open to the teachings of the elements and the life that they create within and around us.
– Share experiential practices and rituals that foster a deeper heart connection with Mother Earth, and hence support us to participate in her healing.

‘Reinhabiting Place’ 6 Week Course:

Over 6 sessions we meet in various outdoor locations to:

–          Learn daily practices to ground ourselves in the rhythms of nature

–          Develop an understanding of and relationship with the plants, animals, and elements  of our bioregion

–          Cultivate deep connection with Earth wisdom, ourselves and each other

–          Engage head, heart, and hands to re-localize our lives

Places are limited to 12 participants. 


Work that Reconnects / Active Hope Workshop:

These workshops are inspired by the work of Joanna Macy and take participants through a series of experiential processes which aim to:

–          Deepen our appreciation for the gifts of life;

–          Provide a space for recognising the feelings we have about the environmental and social problems that concern us;

–          Enable us to see from new perspectives;

–          Deepen our connection to the natural world

–          Deepen our understanding and awareness of ourselves

–          Empower and inspire us to take new action or be able to sustain the work that we do.

Joanna Macy’s work is also referred to as ‘Deep Ecology experiential work’ or ‘despair and empowerment work’. For more information on her work see her website at:


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